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Mar 30, 2005
"Gettin Crunk"

I'm feeling: wild
You'll find me: at home

Omg, i'm such a weirdo!!...lol @ me, i'm over here getting crunk!!Omg i feel so wilin out right now, im just over here  being a dumbass all my favorite songs are coming on right now so i'm just losing it..lmao @ my stereo its probably scaring everyone see what im saying Amerie's "1 thing" Came on just now on my favorite part and now sean paul's "Gimme The Light" Omg, im having so much fun...let's see how long this lasts!!


Happy Wedsnday Everyone!!


P.s. Damn it's hot as fudge out here!!! anyone gotta pen i can't find me pen man!!!

Posted at 05:34 pm by Ashl3y
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Mar 22, 2005
Excited! Excited! Excited!

Omg today was like the best day ever, i can't believe it i was so worried over no one cause that boy karim, wasn't worth my time i mean he could have just liked me and been to embarassed to say so, but darius and me got a date for friday imma bring my camera with me 2morrow so i can take a picture, it will be so cool! he's so damn funny and so hawt!! omg, and he's so nice so this friday were going to the dollar movies (cause i'm broke!) and it's going to be so fun, i cannot wait lol @ my ex calling me playing norah jones songs and then hanging up its cool we can be friends but not lovers and friends...o0o i'm all messed up, i CAN NOT WAIT to see darius tommorow! it's gonna be so damn awesome..*sings*....­i can be his Girl, and he can be mah nigga..-Pharacyde "passin me by" o0o im all nervous now so i guess i'll talk later...


Bashfully Yours,


Posted at 07:47 pm by Ashl3y
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Mar 20, 2005
R.I.P. "Sniffles"

Hello everyone,
boy what a way to start off the day...the family dog died today she got hit by a speeding car, i feel like CRAP already because of the whole i'm broke up with my bf thing and then on top of everything my DOG DIES!?!?!?! how could someone just do that and keep going in there shitty ass car, i'm so pissed off i swear to you on MY LIFE whoever did that isn't going to hear the last of it and i will personally SUE them my god damn self!! for ANIMAL CRUELTY! the bastards!! ooooooo im so heated, and im so fuckin emotional i feel like something else is going to go wrong and I FUCKING HATE when my mom is sad and/or mad i wish there was somwhere i could take her like to an ice cream shop or something i dunno what to effin do....im just lost...i have no emotion no life...i feel like shit...so this is my entry
deal with it..


Posted at 07:26 pm by Ashl3y
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Mar 17, 2005
Happy st.patty's day :)

 Well..it's been a while..

 I actually broke up with my boyfriend of 10 months today, it wasn't bad were still friends and he understands i'm too immature to have a real live relationship with him, i'm still only 17 and i'm still just young and not sure what to do with life, and he's on a great path and so am i, so were gonna do just fine as friends :) anywh0o...my cat had her babies today well (tonight, still right now she started @ 6:00 pm!) there's 7 accounted for with there names being: Liger, Unicorn, Goldie, Pedro, Beauty, & Napolean you can see where some of the ideas came from...lol there all very noisy and very beautiful esp goldie and beauty they have full coats goldie looks just like a golden retriever hence her name and beauty is all black like black beauty the horse :) so we called her beauty. There all very adorable and my cat is so strong i don't think i could have 12 kids! (im also including her first litter) i'll have pix posted tommorow. Man, the things i've been through since i've last talked 2 everyone anyways, i hope all is well and i hope that princess passes her driving test! she's so awesome and i hope momo gets hired @ 6 flags! YAYYY!! anyways i'm fine now and i will hopefully post lots of pix 2morrow

Love From Ashley...


Posted at 10:56 pm by Ashl3y
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Dec 24, 2004
If i was a rich girl, nananananananaaaaa....:^)

3 names you go by: Ashley,Crunchy, & Dirty Booty
3 screen names you have: ludazlady88, lillady2008 & mizzfloydjr
3 things you like about yourself:
I'm My Own Person, I'm Smart, & I Have a good out look on life
3 things you hate/dislike about yourself: I lie. I'm un-organzied, I'm a nervous wreck...:|
3 parts of your heritage: Turqupise, um....high cheek bones, thick legs (not in a gross way)
3 things that scare you: The thought of george bush winning that election (*shudders*), Me and my life not being together, anyone i know dying (including me)
3 of your everyday essentials: water, food, & phone.
3 things you are wearing right now: my lil bracelet my sister gave me, my pajamas (pink and light blue) and um..nothing else..:|
3 of your favorite bands/artists:  John Mayer, Maroon 5, & Norah Jones
3 of your favorite songs at present: "Rich Girl" By Gwen "1-2 Step" By Ciara "Sunday Morning" By M5
3 things you want to try in the next 12 months: Getting All A's, Try to be neat, Excersizing.
3 things you want in a relationship: I have everything in my relationship right now i could ever want and more...:)
2 truths and a lie: My belly button is pierced, I do love Patrice L. Floyd Jr., And i hate my cats..lol

3 physical things about the opposite\same sex that appeal to you: Eyes, Lips, Attitude (Patrice!) :D
3 things you just can't do: Dance, Sing, & Breathe through my nose :8 | 
3 of your favorite hobbies:
Singing, Listening 2 music, biting my nails :)
3 things you want to do really badly right now: Kiss Patrice, Spend christmas with patrice, and get my cover out the dryer!

3 careers you're considering: Chef, Nurse, Or Actress...:$
3 places you want to go on vacation:  England, Hawaii, & Egypt
3 kids names: Astari, Jeremiah, Isiah
3 things you want to do before you die: Run through the halls of my highschool screaming @ the top of my lungs, Cure A Disease, & Live Life to the fullest with my one and only :^)
3 people who have to take this quiz now or eat a spider: Patrice, Monique, & Mommy...because i'd love to see all 3 of them eat a spider!

Posted at 01:44 am by Ashl3y
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"..Happy Holidays...From Ashl3y's Heart 2 Urz.." :)

Hey Everyone, finally i'm back!

Well, i'm just bloggin a bit' since it is like CHRISTMAS EVE!..lol anyways so much stuff has been going on, but im still alive and kickin..lol it's so sad though i'm going to my grandmother's house to celebrate christmas, but i want to spend it with the one i love. all because of this year's events...*damnit!* man, i just love him so much and i miss him and my mom will just not let go of the stuff he did, it's like he's got over it already, and i mean...i guess she has every right, i understand that i do, but man! i miss him and this christmas, just won't be as complete with out him by my side, it hurts me to say...i'll just bite my tongue and "PUT ON A HAPPY FACE.." *cries* It hurts everytime, i just wish we could all get along..but sometimes, i guess that's how it goes...anyh0o...the other day i passed out because i had nothing to eat that whole, day i was also dehydrated, you know when i passed out my patrice cried...do you know i could hear him but i couldnt do anything about it! i felt so paralyzed...do you know how that feels? like someone cut off your nerves all but the feelings inside you...it was horrible! esp, when they stuck that i.v. in me...i was on a gurney and everything..o0o (horrrrible!) i miss him right now, wishing he were just here so i could be sleep with him..well i hope all is well with everyone who's read, because now happy reader i am to be off to bed. *smile*


_aLwAyZ AnD ForEvEr_

Mrs.Patrice Floyd Jr. *smile*

Posted at 01:00 am by Ashl3y
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Aug 19, 2004
My g0odies, n0t my g0odies...^_^

Hello everyone,

it' is again so wonderful to see you are reading my o-so-wonderful blog, all night i have been signing up to celeb's fanlisting, it's been pretty fun, then i killed some ants who attacked my blue juice (hawaiian punch) and i ate some n0odles, i'm sooo excited about today, WE ARE GETTING CABLE DUDE! yes! yes! *Loves my m0m once again...* lmao i'm just kidding mommy, i'll always love her, she's just 2...m0mmyish and 2 damn g0od 2 me...lol :) the only reason i haven't been writing is a bit of drama between family and my bf :| but it's over now which is REALLY good, because i have been waiting for this, for-like-EVER! lol, we also went grocery shopping today! YES! YES! this is the best, 2morrow will almost be a 100 percent day, other than the fact that patrice can't be over here, because his mom is going to the optometrist tommorow, and he has to watch the kids (*sigh*) (And mommy, don't think that's the only thing, also because i would have to call you =P) but anyways ever since seeing the ant massacre tonight on my blue juice i feel like there are ants all over me! *auughh* and i also found out tonight, that i FINALLY have a life! :) :) :)...i love my life dude! it's so totally awesome and i CAN NOT WAIT TO START SCHOOL!! yay 4 ash ketchum <--my mom's best friend use to call me that and i called him "Christopher Robin" <--from winnie the pooh, augh, why am i listening to maxwell's song "This Woman's Work" i mean it's a BEAUTIFUL song, but it's making me feel like this

 (U_U) <--*yawns* o0o and i heard "Dirt Off Ya Shoulda" today, o YEAHHH goodness, i'm like OBSESSED with that song and (now the title of me bloggy today) ciara's "Goodies" is like one of my favorite songs out right now with petey pablo, and you know what i don't care if EVERYONE in the whole damn world disagrees with me, but he looks pretty damn good, and his voice is like wh0o...awesome blossom (patrice, don't be jealous i love you more than anyone :P!) but yeah, i LOVE that song like SOOOO much the whole whistling sound like "Wheeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwooooooooooowhhhhwhhhweeeeeeeeeeewhoooooooooooo" lol...<--that is b0redom right there but i also like when she starts singing kind of opera-ish and then she says "..I'm not being 2 dramatic that's just how i gotta have it..." <---she is like WAYY to (killed another ant walking on the cpu screen) talented! and have u seen her move? she is like the best damn dancer i have EVER seen and she's sooo cute, i know she's gonna sell the damn world, because i love the hell outta that song! and everyone else i know d0es 2!...wow i've written alot, must be alot on my mind...well that is all i might go to sleep or play spades or check my e-mail or nightdream (*because 2 me it isn't day yet) about patrice =) i miss him awweady...*awww*

Okay, that's enough

Later Dayz..

Ashl3y aka

Mz.Fl0yd U_u

Posted at 04:21 am by Ashl3y
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Aug 13, 2004
Ow..kinda (today is friday the 13th btw)

Well, i'm stuffed i ate 2 hot dogs with everything you can put on a hot dog except the relish (we're out) man, when i get stuffed i feel like a fat person a really fat, fat person :D i wonder if people would still love me if i was fat, now i want to be fat..lol okay i'm gonna get off that subj, i'm excited my mom is taking me to magic mountain next weekend! HOORAY! i love it there! i only went once but it was the best! my mom also gave me some developed pix of our trip to merced i will upload so you can see them :)

<---me and patrice being goofy on the trip to merced (notice my red bull and expression!) lol
<--me and my advertising the "red bull" it gives me wiiiings!! <^_^>
<---me @ my house homeless...lol my mom said i looked homeless in this one...i like my jeans! :D yay!

<--this is my beautiful m0mmy!, i'm not quite sure what she was laughing @ but she looks so naturally pretty in this picture i love it! lol @ rizz's hand like he rappin 2her or something, i must have taken this pix:|

Well, that's all for today kids, hope you enjoyed, :D

Later Dayz...

Ashl3y =-DDDD

Posted at 06:51 pm by Ashl3y
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I had a w0nderful day t0day:)

Hello fellow readers,
today was a day just for me and patrice we spent the whole day together watching movies, cuddling, sleeping and just being with each other, no time we didn't spend together we didn't even get on the computer @ all. Even though my brother is acting like demonchild right now, we still had a really good time just being like comfortable, just chilling with each other, it was wonderful (AAAAHHH!!!) crap! that scared the crizzap outta me, my mom's alarm clock just went off, of course it's so loud the whole house can hear it, but she can't until like 5 more snooze pushes (lol) it's on kiis fm there playing Nina Sky's "Move Your Body" i like that s0ng, but i hate how on radio stations they make the song go faster than b4, hehe..stupid :l no time to savor your fav damn s0ng :| anyways rollie is suppose to be coming over this weekened probably sat. if he does i want monique to come back so we can all chill and just relax :) that'll be fun go swimming maybe go to the dollar movies or something (scatter up some change..hah!) well right now i'm going to go to pogo.com and then probably go back to sleep when i'm to tired to play spades...lol

Later Dayz...


Posted at 04:55 am by Ashl3y
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Aug 12, 2004
Stuffy Nose Versi0n 2 :l

Well day 2 of stuffy n0se syndr0me this has been going on like EVERY DAY for the past week, it's not cute to have a stuffy nose nor when it turns red, because best believe it does :|  anyways, today i had a VERY bad migrane, i was asleep for like the whole day and this afternoon my bf was messing with me tryna wake me up, i was hurtin so bad, but now i'm good of course i'm good @ 5:24 a.m. in the morning the only reason i blog @ this time is because it's like a routine i put my bf to sleep by giving him a massage and then i turn w/e movie we have playing off or i keep a movie running like "Dumb & Dumber" or "Dirty Dancing" and then i go and check my hotmail e-mail and then i might go to artistnow.com and then i go to pogo.com and play spades until i start getting bored and then i go to corbis.com and then i go to toothpastefordinner.com and look @ old drawings because i have seen all the new ones in 2004 and then i think about blogdrive.com so i type it in and here i'm now, and the weirdest thing just happened my bf woke up and said he was hungry, that was really odd because he never wakes up like that i must be typing to loud, but lol @ him waking and actually raising up and saying "I'm hungry" he's so adorable!

Well, i'm gonna stop writing

Later Dayz...


Posted at 05:30 am by Ashl3y
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